Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why do Tea particles keep rising to the surface while making Tea?

Ever wondered about this simple thing, while you're making Tea?
Those tiny Tea particles that give you that immensely refreshing taste, while these get cooked while you are preparing Tea for yourself or others, (well, that doesn't require you to be making Tea yourself thought :P, still...), you might have seen those little pieces rising above to the surface as if they're coming up to catch a breath of fresh air and then deep dive again, or as they say in those cartoon movies, they take heat, get themselves burnt and rise up in pain!
But that's not what happens here, that might happen in a cartoon movie though!
The scientific reason to this small action lies in a simple one letter word which connects us to the theory of Energy-Transfer
It says Energy can be transferred from one body to the other by 3 means

  1. Conduction
  2. Radiation
  3. Convection -- This is the one we're interested in!
The simple reason is Convection!
WikiPedia says,
Convection is the movement of molecules within fluids (i.e. liquids, gases) and rheids. It cannot take place in solids, since neither bulk current flows nor significant diffusion can take place in solids.
Convection is one of the major modes of heat transfer and mass transfer. Convective heat and mass transfer take place through both diffusion – the random Brownian motion of individual particles in the fluid – and by advection, in which matter or heat is transported by the larger-scale motion of currents in the fluid. In the context of heat and mass transfer, the term "convection" is used to refer to the sum of advective and diffusive transfer.
Convection Current inside the cooking vessel.
Note the flow of the particles.
It is the same that the Tea particles follow
Due to Convection, the particles that take up heat from the bottom, become lighter and start coming up to the surface. These particles then transfer their energy to other particles. Then these particles after transferring their energy become heavier, again go down and again pick up heat. This leads to a continuous flow of the liquid particles up and down in a circle sort. How and in which manner this circle goes about depends on the heat variation and generally starts from the bottom center to outwards and then up again, where these lose energy and then get down to the top center and then back to the bottom.

Another picture from our daily life would illustrate how these particles flow. This is a general picture that we always see when cooking
Observe that the flow is radially inwards
So, the next time you go and make Tea (or maybe, even just observe it), just keep in mind this very word --

Have a Nice Day!
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Friday, September 10, 2010


"A blind man was begging on side of Newyork street with a board written
"I am blind please help me"
Once a guy passing dat side saw him. He took his board and wrote something on his board & from that day he started getting heavy collections.
Many people started giving money 2 him.
Can u guess what he wrote?
He wrote,
"Today is a beautiful day but I can't see it.."
Message: The way of EXPRESSION changes every thing.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why girls talk so much?

Guys have always been wondering about this very thing about a girl's characteristic. The characteristic of being utterly talkative.
Recently, I came across an excellent response to why she's telking about her toothpaste, why she wants you tn know how her friend got her new sandals, the yellow flower on her new top...and all the blah blah that guys 'think is useless' stuff.
Let's get into why people talk, and how the two genders infer 'T.A.L.K.'
Talking is a way of communication. Everyone knows how important is to communicate, and that too both ways! Not just listening or talking. Effective communication occurs when words flow both ways, and not just superficially, but deep either into the hearts (emotion talks) or into the brains (decisive/brainy talks) or both!!!
Talking about HE and SHE, keeping suspense about the latter, when HE talks, whatever he talks is about opinions, discussions, experiences. Guys would usually discuss matters, gather opinions, argument, share experiences and get to worthwhile conclusions.
All those of you gals out there, don't take that as a negative. Its not that you don't talk worthwhile, but its that a female communication is different!
Now here's the main course!
When a Girl talks, she isn't concerned about the fact that her talks would lead to conclusions or not, what she longs for while communicating is nothing but the communication itself! She just wants to share her things and what happens and surrounds her. What things pleases her and that you "ought" to be knowing (as SHE would take it to be). It doesn't matter if all that she talks about makes sense or not. Not even that it should increase anybody's knowledge or experiences. What really matters to her when talking is just that she talks and has a conversation, which seems to be the most important. She wants you to just talk to her, and nothing else. A girl wouldn't want to be judged, (or misjudged anyway!), but that she has a pleasant time. And well, when she connects it all, its just too good for her and for the other person as well. Moreover, she talks so much, wants you to listen just because she wants to share her life with the person that she is talking to. (Of course, you might think yourself lucky, if you're the lucky one to have her secrets as well! That's good going :P)
So, you see. What she's saying isn't supposed to be overheard and boring talks. If you take interest positively, a girl's talking can really have really positive implications.
So, next time, don't just HEAR, but LISTEN to her!
Have a Nice Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Coming or Going? Or Gone Wented Gone'd?

It's about time I thought about doing things in utter team work. To start with, the thing that struck my mind to write this pretty short column was to go to the college tomorrow or not. And while I still don't consider myself so good at English Grammar, still I like to enquire why would things go one way and not the other!
So, I was here, typing out a message to my 'bundle' of friends asking if they'll be joining me at the college tomorrow!
The point at which I was stuck was the key line of the message. I had two options, and for somebody normal, it wouldn't seem like a big thing to write any of the either or to see the difference between the two for being so simple yet so complicated in senses! (Call me paranormal or out of senses or crazy if you want that).
The two lines were: A. Are you coming to the college tomorrow? B. Are you going to the college tomorrow?
Caught up with any difference? Must have noticed just the change of the two words, 'going' and 'coming'. That isn't just word-play, but has a lot to deal with conveying meanings that may influence the reciever of the message that may influence his/her choice, in ways ranging from no changes to drastic ones. Ok, not so dramatic, but well between a yes or no.
In the case that i had to deal with, writing 'Are you coming to the college' would directly imply that I planned to come and that you either come or if you don't, I'm gonna pursue you to.
While on the other side, writing 'Are you going...' implies that I am reluctant to go and I would certainly wish that even you do the same.
So, the change of that simple word would result in the opposite message being conveyed. Such things are and have been critical in communication.
Wonder how small things have quite an impact! :)

Why do we say "TouchWood"

We say good things, we say bad things. What matters are the better things that we say.
Even you might have said a very good thing once, might be when you compliment something or just casually (who needs a special time to say a good thing!). And while you're at it, you might have used the word "touch wood".
Ever thought what this simple 2 word phrase meant when used in the context?
The word Touch Wood has been in use in mainly India, UK, Ireland and Australia. While other parts of the world use the phrase "Knock on Wood".
Actually, in older days, people used to have a belief that Gods dwell in trees. So, touching a tree was like having God's hand on them, protecting them from bad omens etc. So, when somebody would say something that would boast or just say something, it was and is believed that the evil would start to eye them. Then, touching a tree or 'wood' would ward off the evil! That's how Touchwood literally means the act of touching wood.
Now that you why, Touchwood!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why are guitar tunes so hypnotic?

Why are guitar tunes so hypnotic?

You must have heard many songs with guitar being played, either solo all along the song, or paired with a whole lot of instruments. And most of the time, we get into the mood, no matter how we feel at the moment! Moreover, guitar tunes, as i term them to be, from my side, to be, hypnotic i.e. They have a particular rhythm and pattern sometimes that differentiates those award winning songs from those that, well, don't win anything!
Is it the property of being a stringed instrument that it has to do with or that guitar has so many rhythms that it can blend with any lyrics when played properly.
Guitar has another splendid property to be played standalone with songs. Only a few other instruments have this property!